Tile & Grout Cleaning

Don’t Go Without Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing!

Day in and day out, you and your family are continually tracking dirt, mud, dust, and debris into your home, no matter the weather or season. Considering the amount of dirt, food, liquids and other messes that end up on your floor, you’re eventually going to need a thorough tile and grout cleaning from a professional. That’s where Total Steam Cleaning comes in. When you need complete cleaning and sealing services for tile and grout in your kitchens and bathrooms, allow our team to help! We serve homes and businesses throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.

When’s the Right Time to Clean & Seal Your Tile and Grout?

While folks are perfectly capable of sweeping or mopping their tile floors, some stains and messes go deeper than the surface. Total Steam Cleaning specializes in tile and grout cleaning and getting those tough stains out. When deciding if you need a professional tile cleaning, be on the lookout for:

  • Different Shades of Grout – There are parts of your floor that don’t get as much foot traffic. For example, tiles under a rug or at the base of a set of cabinets. If you notice these areas to have a significantly lighter shade of grout, it might be time to have the remainder of your floor cleaned.
  • Allergies Acting Up – Grout in a bathroom can be especially susceptible to bacteria, with the room’s moisture and humidity contributing to its growth. And enough bacterial growth can impact the health and allergies of you and your family. Thus, it might be time to have a professional look at your flooring.
  • Stains Won’t Go Away – You scrub, and you mop your tile floors, but to no avail! Stains and discoloration won’t go away. This can be due to dirt and mineral buildup on your tile and grout or improperly sealed grout absorbing every substance that lands on it. Thankfully, our team can remove the worst stains and ensure grout is cleaned and sealed correctly.

Why Hire a Professional to Clean Your Tile & Grout?

While your regular cleaning routine keeps your house neat and tidy, cleaning and sealing from Total Steam Cleaning can ensure your tile flooring stays clean for much longer.

  • The Right Tools and Cleaning Solutions – Traditional household cleaners you pick up at the supermarket cannot provide as deep a clean on your tile and grout as Total Steam Cleaning’s solutions and equipment.
  • Saves You Time – A heavy-duty clean can take time and effort you might not be able to spare. Instead, allow our professional tile cleaners to handle the job.
  • Prevent Future Stains – If your grout isn’t correctly sealed, stains and discoloration will continue to return, no matter how many times you clean your floor. Our team can properly clean and seal your grout, so your tile flooring stays clean and stain-free for much longer.
  • A Beautiful and Healthy Home – Not only can we restore the color and shine of your tile flooring, but we eliminate germs, bacteria and allergens that get caught in your grout.

Why Seal Your Grout?

Grout is a porous material, which means it has small holes or pores in the surface that provides places for debris to accumulate. Even the protective layer on tile will wear down over time, simply from cleaning and everyday use.

Adding a grout sealer protects grout so it’s water resistant and will repel moisture and germs. Sealing the grout helps prolong the look, texture and consistency of your grout and it prevents mildew and mold. Your grout will look better and stay cleaner longer.

  • Reduce Your Work – Sealing your grout will reduce your cleaning by up to 50 percent. Sealing the surface means that you can easily wipe away dirt and debris without resorting to heavy scrubbing with harsh chemicals.
  • Keep Debris and Mold Out of Your Grout – Sealed grout will not absorb debris the way unsealed grout and tile can. Think of it in the same way you might think of sealing wood flooring or an outdoor deck. If it is sealed, all the dirt and grime cannot penetrate the surface and find places to take up residence.
  • Keep Your Investment Beautiful – You have an investment in your home, having tile installed is not inexpensive. You want to maximize the investment you have made and preserve the beauty. Sealed tile and grout resists staining and discoloration. You do not risk damaging the surfaces with chemicals or abrasive products. You also can save money by protecting the life span of your tile and grout through the sealing process. Constantly scrubbing or using bleach and other products will wear down the bond provided by the grout. The grout simply wears away. Digging out old grout and replacing it is expensive and time consuming.

Total Steam Cleaning is Here to Help!

Tile and grout cleaning and sealing is a must for any home or business looking to keep their tile flooring clean and free of bacteria and other debris. When you need a complete deep clean for a price you can afford, look no further than Total Steam Cleaning. Our truck-mounted cleaning equipment allows your tiles and grout to be deep cleaned to remove dirt, bacteria and stains safely. Our advanced method of steam-based cleaning will remove years of chemicals and bacteria from your tile and grout returning them to their innate beauty.  After our service has been completed our trained and professional staff would be happy to give you advice on how to maintain the professional tile and grout cleaning and protect the finish on your floor.

Total Steam Cleaning will clean tile and grout in any room from your kitchen to your bathroom and even the exterior of your home. We clean ceramic, terra cotta, terrazzo, porcelain and concrete tiles.